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Short Term Car Insurance

Learn more about short term car insurance.

Check the minimum requirements for temporary car insurance approval.

Minimum Requirements

Held your licence for a minimum period of 12 months and be in possession of a UK, EU or EEA, Swiss or Commonwealth driving licence for the same period of time. Read more here: FAQ’s

The best provider of temporary car insurance  in the UK. For drivers aged 17-75.* Read Our Latest Articles

Learner Driver Insurance

If you are learning to drive, you can make use of daily car insurance to practice in someone else's car. For drivers aged 17 - 40 with a provisional license. Must be accompanied by a qualified driver aged 25 - 72 who holds a full current UK, EEA or EU driving licence and has done so for at least 3 years. Get A Free Quote

Acceptance Criteria

Make sure to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria before applying as failure to meet the requirements will make your insurance invalid.

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Can I Get One Day Car Insurance?

A different type of cover for journeys lasting from 1 day to 28 days.





Instant Cover

Insurance cover is made available immediately after payment is completed. Documents are emailed to you with a special download link.

Renew Car Road Tax

You only need day insurance for the day you renew your road tax. Keep your printed insurance documents with you as the MID does not update instantly.

Drive Another Car

You can insure yourself to drive another car, or insure someone else to drive your car. For long journeys away, you can take turns driving the same car.

Learner Driver Insurance

For drivers aged 17-40 holding a provisional driving license. Must be accompanied by a qualified driver aged 25-72.

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*Duration of insurance lasts from a minimum of one day, up to and including twenty eight days. If you need cover for a longer duration of time, you may purchase further periods of cover from between 1 and 28 days before your current policy expires. For drivers aged 19-75. Temporary car insurance is provided by Insure Daily. Learner driver insurance caters to drivers aged 17-40 in possession of a provisional driving license and is provided by Insure Learner Driver.